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City Advent Calendar Days 22 & 23

I knew yesterday would be busy! As I mentioned, I was out serving with the Salvation Army once again, this time helping support the Dallas Cowboys as they gave out meals to those in need. It was a great event, and I was very thankful being part of something to bless all of these families in need. That did mess up my plans to get this article out. Maybe next year I just open them all and auto-post? Who knows! Day 22 ... Read more

City Advent Calendar Day 21

Day 21 has arrived! We're into the weekend before Christmas, which means crazy busy stores and roads, and it also means we're getting closer to the end of this year's calendar. When I opened up today's gift, my first thought was just meh. Then I started to build it, and then I grabbed the clock piece, it was face down. When I turned it over, I was sold. I absolutely love this candy cane clock. The candy cane looks great, but ... Read more

City Advent Calendar Days 19 & 20

One of the things that I love doing, especially around Christmas, is serving others. I found how rewarding it was when I went to the Houston area to serve with the Salvation Army for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. It led me to getting certified to work with the Salvation Army for their Emergency Disaster Services. I also serve when I can locally, and yesterday was one of those days. We were loading cars for the Salvation Army Angel Tree recipients and ... Read more
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