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City Advent Calendar Day 21

Day 21 has arrived! We’re into the weekend before Christmas, which means crazy busy stores and roads, and it also means we’re getting closer to the end of this year’s calendar. When I opened up today’s gift, my first thought was just meh. Then I started to build it, and then I grabbed the clock piece, it was face down. When I turned it over, I was sold. I absolutely love this candy cane clock. The candy cane looks great, but the clock piece is so awesome. I had forgotten about it being in the Assembly Square set! I think it is a much needed improvement over the previous clocks LEGO® used, and it really made this piece. Check back with me tomorrow, I’m going to do my best to get Day 22 up in the afternoon, as the first thing on my calendar is serving again with the Salvation Army helping the Dallas Cowboys distribute food for Christmas! Speaking of Christmas, I hope everyone is ready, if not, stay safe this weekend!


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