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City Advent Calendar Day 24

We’ve made it to the final day! Today’s gift is none other than Santa himself! Santa arrives sporting his signature red coat and hat. His torso is printed front and back, complete with his signature belt and the white fluffy trim at the bottom. On the backside of his torso we continue to see his belt and the trim, but also a candy cane tucked into his belt. He also comes carrying a bag of gifts, or maybe coal. It just depends on which list you end up on! I hope you were all on Santa’s good list this year!

The advent has been fun to open each day! Some of the gifts were better than others, but in the end this was fun to do and share with at least a few of you! I also had fun watching my girls build them, and their excitement each day made me very happy! Yes there were a few disappointments, however that sort of things disappears when I’m talking to them about another one of the gifts and how clever the design was for that particular day.

It is my prayer this season that you find rest, much happiness, and lots of joy! Merry Christmas everyone!


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