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City Advent Calendar Days 15 & 16

Who knew that Saturdays leading up to a major holiday could be so busy! The gift on the 15th was a Christmas tree! I am a fan of the various Christmas trees that LEGO® puts out, and I liked this one as well. It was a simple design, but my favorite part has to be the tree topper. While it would be nice to see LEGO® produce an angel statue, or at least produce one where you could add wings (or even other elements to make it more trophy like for specific sports), I did like the use of this element. So I was pleased by this one, after all, it’s not Christmas (at least in our house) until we put up the Christmas tree!

Day 16 was also well received by me! This time we have a little cupcake/treat stand. What I like about this one, is it could easily be something you would see at a town Christmas event, where the local bakery is giving away or selling their goods. It could also be in someone’s home. I’m sure most of you have seen the fancy popcorn machines and such that are available, so why not a little cart where you could put treats and such? In any case, it is a fun build, clever use of parts as wheels, and it does give some extra cupcakes to restock the cart!

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