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City Advent Calendar Days 22 & 23

I knew yesterday would be busy! As I mentioned, I was out serving with the Salvation Army once again, this time helping support the Dallas Cowboys as they gave out meals to those in need. It was a great event, and I was very thankful being part of something to bless all of these families in need. That did mess up my plans to get this article out. Maybe next year I just open them all and auto-post? Who knows!

Day 22 was awesome! This is a classic wind up robot toy. This was actually a clever build, making use some of interesting elements for the legs/hips. Some sort of face would have been better, but overall I was really happy with this one. It captures that toy so well, plus it was a fun little build.

His little red arms are reaching out, ready to grab hold of bad guys, good guys, or whatever! On the back of the robot we find the handle to wind him up and send him on his way. There is also a blue and grey part to the toy. Battery? I haven’t figured that one out.

This gift is just so well done. I can imagine that the dad picked this one up after seeing it on a store shelf, reminding him of his childhood Christmas mornings. Perhaps LEGO® needs to put a larger version!

The gift for Day 23 is great as well! This helicopter looks like a rescue type helicopter, or perhaps one of the business ones with the retractable landing gear. It is sleek and I imagine very fast! It could be plucking people from a dangerous situation, or perhaps getting Lord Business to his next important meeting. The only issue I can find with this, is the main rotor cannot fully spin without hitting the tail. This can be easily resolved by using a 1×4 plate vs the 1×3, and I don’t think it would make it too much longer. In any case, a fun gift and fun build!

We’re almost done, just one more day to go!


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