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Leicester Square LEGO® Store

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I was fortunate enough to have a business trip send me to London for a few days. If you were told you get to go to London, what would you start planning to visit? Big Ben? Buckingham Palace? When I found out I was going, the first thing I had in mind to visit was the Leicester Square LEGO® Store!

During my time in London, there was some sort of break for school, so I saw children of all ages all around London. This also meant a large crowd at the Leicester Square LEGO® Store. A large enough of a crowd to necessitate the use of a queue to just enter the store! At first I thought it might be a monthly mini-build line or something like that, but no, it was just to shop. It made it a bit difficult to get photos, and I missed a few things, but overall I was able to see and experience what I wanted to do.

This LEGO® store has some interesting things to see. Most notably is Lester, the store mascot. He has become quite the icon since his initial appearance, at only around 275 made, he was also a hot collectible! Well, now you can purchase your very own Lester, and only at this location. I’ll post more about that later.

If you look through the gallery posted with this article, you’ll see a few awesome brick-built structures. The brick-built train from the London Underground has a bench so you can get your photograph taken along with a couple iconic British figures. Plus if you look into the windows, you can see the conductor and other workers. Big Ben was impressive, and it was fun to see the judge having a bit of fun with the police officer, while the detective (Sherlock Holmes perhaps?) investigates a rather sticky, yet tasty, crime.

I missed out on a picture showing the operation of trains on the London Underground. It lit up showing trains running, and was a cool feature. I did snap a pic of another iconic LEGO® mascot, Brickley, who makes an appearance on the London store.

This store has two levels, and plenty of room for displaying sets, as well as play opportunities. You can find just about any LEGO® set that you’re looking for in this store. It also boasts the Mosaic Maker. Guests are urged to book their Mosaic Maker time in advance. Upon arrival you pay the £99.99 fee, and get your experience card. You step into a photo booth, snap your pic, and then get the pieces necessary to build your mosaic! I saw guests doing this, and while it looks like fun, I can’t justify the £99.99 fee. That is around $130 US dollars. I think a selfie will do just fine!

If you’re in London, I think it is worth visiting this flagship store. Great staff, great fun, and of course, LEGO®!

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