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LEGO® Ideas Contest – Design a Gift with Purchase

LEGO® Ideas is holding a competition this month, and the grand prize puts your winning submission into a future gift with purchase! In addition to your Ideas submission becoming a gift with purchase, the winner also gets a selection of past sets that were given out as gifts with a purchase, as well as a $250 shopping spree at LEGO® Shop@Home! The winning set will be modified by a LEGO® designer, and included as a gift with purchase in 2019! Additional information, ... Read more

LEGO® Ideas Women of NASA

I am a dad to two amazing girls. They bring so much joy to my life. They also bring a certain amount of stress! My oldest is on the cusp of her teenage years, and my youngest is only 9. I have my worries about how their life will turn out, but my wife and I do our best to put them on the best path. When I saw that the Women of NASA set from LEGO® Ideas had been approved, ... Read more

LEGO® NASA Apollo Saturn V

I was excited to see that LEGO® was going to produce the Saturn V from the LEGO® Ideas submission. When I got this set on Father's Day, I was even more excited! It is everything that I would want and more! To start off, I wanted to highlight the box. I do not keep boxes, but like most Ideas sets, this one is very nicely done! The graphics include the Apollo logo on the front, as well as a graphic to show ... Read more
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