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Third 2018 LEGO® Ideas Review

January 7th marks the end of the Third 2018 LEGO® Ideas review period. This period only 5 Ideas qualified. They are Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons - Natural History Collection by Mukkinn, Chemical Plant by Ymarilego, Food Stand Diners by FrostBricks, Playable LEGO® Piano by SleepyCow, and Queen Victoria Cruise Ship by FlagzNZ. First, I want to say these are all great looking MOCs. The designers of these have done a fantastic job. It would be great if LEGO® had a 10K rule, where you reach ... Read more

Welcome to Apocalypseburg!

LEGO® announced the Welcome to Apocalypseburg! from The LEGO® Movie 2 today, and I've spent some time looking at the photos posted and wanted to share my initial thoughts on this set. This is all based on pictures, and nothing hands on. Truth is, I'm not sure if this is one I would add to my collection, but it certainly is intriguing! First, the build. There appears to be a lot of great techniques used, and a few sections that might be challenging ... Read more

City Advent Calendar Day 24

We've made it to the final day! Today's gift is none other than Santa himself! Santa arrives sporting his signature red coat and hat. His torso is printed front and back, complete with his signature belt and the white fluffy trim at the bottom. On the backside of his torso we continue to see his belt and the trim, but also a candy cane tucked into his belt. He also comes carrying a bag of gifts, or maybe coal. It just ... Read more
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