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City Advent Calendar Days 19 & 20

One of the things that I love doing, especially around Christmas, is serving others. I found how rewarding it was when I went to the Houston area to serve with the Salvation Army for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. It led me to getting certified to work with the Salvation Army for their Emergency Disaster Services. I also serve when I can locally, and yesterday was one of those days. We were loading cars for the Salvation Army Angel Tree recipients and handing out boxes of blessings, which is just a box that contains about two days worth of food. I also had my two daughters with me serving, which they also enjoyed as well. This season, go find someone to serve. It doesn’t have to be a large event, it can start at home! Anyway, between serving, looking at Christmas lights last night, and getting some work done for my actual job, I missed out on yesterday’s post! So let’s go on with another Brick Dad epic (hah!) combined Advent Calendar review!

When I first opened up the gift for the 19th, I wasn’t sure what to think. As I put them together, and started looking and thinking about it, it grew on me. These seem like they are simple remote control motorcycles, but what I really think they are the light cycles from Tron! The light cycles from Tron made it into an Ideas set, so this made much more sense! Tron is one of my favorite movies from when I was a kid, and probably sparked my interest in computers. I think LEGO® did a good job in capturing this, and if it turns out they didn’t intend for them to be light cycles, well, happy accident! But, let’s be honest. I’m right, right?

Today’s gift, day number 20, is actually really cool. We get an excavator machine with a hammer/drill on the arm! I love how LEGO® got the exhaust stack on the machine, and even the tracks on the side can articulate and move up and down. The mound of dirt from Day 18 makes more sense with this gift I think!

Days 19 and 20 are actually both really cool, and would make for a great gifts to put under that LEGO® Christmas tree that is so beautifully decorated inside of the minifigure family living room. As I think about that minifigure family, I picture myself as a kid, and now my own family on Christmas morning. Ah, the joy and happiness that Christmas brings!


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