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LEGO® announces the Creator Expert Corner Garage

In a surprise announcement this morning, LEGO® announced the next Creative Expert modular building, the Corner Garage. I have looked over a few pictures this morning and I must say, this set looks great! LEGO® has continued with adding in more details on the minifigure faces, as well as awesome details on the building itself. And with the recent modular buildings, there is a story behind this one as well. This is one of those sets that I didn't expect, I ... Read more

LEGO® Creator Brick Bank

The Creator modular buildings are some of my favorite sets in my collection. I love that my minifigs have a nice town to live in. It feels like a large town, but it's not. It is one of those places where classic architecture lives on in the style of buildings. They aren't just a building for you to conduct business, but they are works of art. As you walk down the street, you see your neighbors, and everyone seems to know ... Read more

Winter Village Station

As a kid, I remember my parents setting up a small village each Christmas. My mom would use poly-fil fiber (aka pillow stuffing) for snow. I was always fascinated by the village, as I saw it as a playground for Hotwheels cars and such. I purchased my first Winter Village set back in 2014, picking up Santa's Workshop. Each year since, I've purchased that year's Winter Village set. The Toy Shop, the Winter Holiday Train, and this year's set, Winter Village ... Read more