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2018 Seasonal Sets Revealed!

LEGO® has revealed the 2018 Valentine’s Day set, the Valentine’s Bee! LEGO® likes to mix it up for the seasonal sets. While I prefer the vignettes they typically release, this is a fun change. I personally do not see much play value in the Brickheadz sets, but that has not prevented me, or my daughters, from wanting to get a few of them. They are fun to display, and I think that LEGO® has done a great job with the overall design. LEGO® has put out some brick-built figures in the past for the seasonal sets. It really does not surprise me that for 2018 they are releasing these as Brickheadz, as LEGO® is really pushing this new line of sets. The nice thing is they are affordable, I expect this one to retail for $9.99, the going rate for Brickheadz sets. These sets typically include some fun elements, and they do a great job of capturing the look of the character they are portraying.

This looks like it will be a fun set, which includes a few flowers, a heart, and some honey. I like the design on the red flowers, and based on the image, it looks like it could be a new flower petal design. It is hard to tell from just images, I guess I’ll have to pick this one up to see for myself! Again though, this isn’t a set that I could see a child actually playing with, as it is limited in movement, not to mention the size of a house, car, flower, or beehive that you would have to build to accommodate our bee. This would be perfect to sit on your valentine’s desk at work, on a shelf in their office, or anywhere to let them know you’re thinking of them!


What is really interesting about this reveal, LEGO® put all of the 2018 seasonal sets on the box. Usually you buy one, and it reveals the next, etc. Not this time, LEGO® decided to put it all out on the table. I really don’t care either way. Honestly, by the time Halloween rolls around, I will probably have forgotten what that seasonal set looks like! Now, I will miss the vignettes, and setting up little scenes with new sets next year, but again, these will look great on display. If they keep them in the $9.99 range, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t, I’ll probably end up buying all of them. Which of these seasonal Brickheadz excites you the most? Let me know on Facebook!

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