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LEGO® City Advent Calendar – Day 1


I’ve been lacking on reviews and such, mainly because I just haven’t had time to sit down and write up my thoughts on various sets I’ve acquired in the past few months. I am debating going to a vlog type setup instead, which is ironic as usually I hate watching videos. I get it though, for me it is easier to narrate a video than to type it all out. Plus, I admit I suck at grammar and such, so I usually have my wife edit the posts. But, enough of that! I am going to focus on sharing each gift from the LEGO® City Advent Calendar!

The first day’s gift is a perfect start for me, it’s a small space shuttle! This micro-scale spacecraft is cleverly done, and I think will make a great addition to the toys that Santa brings from the North Pole! As usually there are some extra pieces, and in this case, I will make good use of the orange transparent ones! What do you think about this year’s City Advent Calendar?


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