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City Advent Calendar Days 5, 6, & 7


Okay, okay. I know. I’m bad at this…in my defense, I’ve been busy. Enough of that, onward!

Okay, day 5. This is one of the worst things I’ve built. I imagine it is something a child cobbled together from various parts from his father’s shed. I’m not a fan. It does come with a slope so you can take it off some sweet jumps…I guess?

Day 6 was much better! The snowman is fun, and the cup of hot cocoa is a nice touch. It’s basic, but nothing looks like an after thought. I love the top hat and bandana too. I’m really getting the vibe that this stuff is all put together by an imaginative young child.

Day 7 we get another minifigure, this one is an adult. She has a nicely printed torso (front and back!), beautiful smile, and a shovel. The snowman came with an extra 1×1 reddish brown round plate. I was close to having her put that shovel to work cleaning up after the dog…

So now we’re caught up, what are your thoughts? Let me know over on Facebook!

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