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City Advent Calendar Days 8, 9, 10, & 11


Wow. I know, it gets worse. So much fail.

Okay, day 8. After the horrible sled, I decided that I wouldn’t get my hopes up. I was really surprised by today’s gift. A drone! It even comes with a remote. Drones are incredibly popular these days. I’ve seen a guy crash his into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Waikiki in Hawaii, watched a guy fly them close to fireworks, and it seems like you can’t go to a beach without hearing one buzzing nearby. I think LEGO® captured his one really well with just a few elements. It even has the green/red lights so you can see it at night and know which direction it is traveling. Well done!

Day 9 brings us a lamp. It’s simple, but well done. The lamps and lamp posts come with all of the winter village sets, so this will be a nice addition to my own winter village. You could even remove the Christmas elements and use them year round!

Day 10 brings us back to the not so awesome category. This looks like two soccer goals, although the ball it comes with looks like kickball maybe? Nothing special about this, interesting elements, but that’s about it.

Finally we hit Day 11. This is a miniature passenger train that looks like one of the recently released passenger trains. Again, LEGO® has done a great job capturing the overall spirit and look of a set, with using just a few elements. It will certainly look good under a LEGO® Christmas tree!

So there we go. Hopefully I can keep up with the 2nd half of the 2018 LEGO® City Advent Calendar!

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