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City Advent Calendar – Day 3 & 4



I totally dropped the ball yesterday and forgot to get day 3 posted. What a horrible start, I know! However, I don’t feel like you missed much. Day 3 was a little go-kart looking car, that quite frankly, isn’t all that impressive. Not from a fun or parts perspective. I am not expecting LEGO® to wow me with every part of this, but it was a strong start on days 1 and  2!

Day 4 brings us a dog, bowl, and a chicken/turkey leg for him to eat. I love the different animals that LEGO® has been producing, and this one is no exception. Extra food pieces are always welcome as well!

I know I shouldn’t expect much, as these sets are geared toward the younger generation, but this AFOL desires more! We’ll see what the next few days have for us!


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